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Teachers aren’t the only ones migrating from shuttered schools to remote work. Speech language pathologists work with K-12 students to identify communication disorders and develop individualized education plans to address their needs. And with schools currently practicing remote learning, school districts are seeking remote workers to provide this important specialized service via teletherapy. Some opportunities are available immediately to serve for the remainder of this school year, while others may begin before fall. Claims investigators perform in-depth online and database research to assess the legitimacy of an individual’s unemployment or insurance claim.

Many of the opportunities may require some travel once COVID-19 restrictions are futher eased. You can assist customers by phone for a variety of businesses in a wide range of industries, from retail to health care to technology and everything in between. You may even be able to give your voice a rest and provide your services online, helping clients via email or online chat. Step back from the full-time grind and try offering your knowledge and skills as an independent consultant. You might even be able to talk to your current employer about transitioning a full-time position into a contract role. Schools aren’t just for book learning; they also provide a safe haven for students where professionals can help assess and promote their well-being. School psychologists work with K-12 students to identify and address any academic struggles, learning disabilities, and behavioral and emotional issues.

School Psychologist

The level of education and experience required varies by position, with senior roles possibly requiring specialized degrees. Help businesses move up in online search results using your search engine optimization skills. SEO experts review and analyze websites, identifying content and design issues that could be dragging them down and providing solutions for improvement. Many companies are seeking uss express testimonials to fill this kind of position with full-time, part-time and contract workers. Provide administrative support from the comfort of your own home and schedule. Virtual assistants can perform a range of services, from scheduling and email management to social media strategizing and event planning. And you can seek to do it full time via an agency or independently on a gig-by-gig basis.

Boldly is a staffing agency hiring full-time assistants to in 23 states. Or you can post your services on freelance job boards such as FreeUp and Upwork to connect with potential clients directly.

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The salesman didn’t die; he’s just working from home. Some uss express work from home higher-level positions may even manage a sales team.

You can change your consent settings at any time by unsubscribing or as detailed in our terms. And while certain jobs are currently remote due to the pandemic, they may require workers to return to the office eventually. These workers translate the written or the spoken word, depending on the position. Just note that all gigs are first come, first served and can pay less than a penny per word.

The ability to string a sentence together can land you a work-from-home job in a wide range of industries, whether you’re a rookie writer or a seasoned pro. Of course, the more experience you have, the greater your pay potential. Expertise in a certain field — be it sports, parenting, personal finance, technology or science — can also help boost your prospects, as well as narrow your job search. If you can listen and type, you can be a transcriptionist. Some positions, such as in the medical field, may prefer applicants with technical knowledge of the subject matter.

Work From Home Jobs

And with many schools currently practicing some remote learning, school districts are seeking remote workers to provide this important specialized service via teletherapy. Some opportunities are available immediately to serve for the remainder of this school year, while others may begin before the fall. You must have proper licensure for the state in which you’ll work.

Read, Watch, Listen

This position can be based anywhere, but instructors must have a computer with a fast, reliable internet connection, (no dial up, please!). Position will be a hybrid role consisting of some in-house work with Work-from-home option, with the requirement of proper office and computer set-up at home. To create your resume on Indeed and apply to jobs quicker.


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He received his master’s degree in financial management from the Netherlands and his Bachelor of Technology degree from India. Founded in 1886, the Coca-Cola Company is involved in the manufacturing, retail, and marketing of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. Based upon the stocks of 500 companies, reviews the S&P has a broader base than the 30 Dow Jones companies, even though many companies in the Dow Jones index are also top constituents of the S&P. The S&P also has a wider spectrum of sectors and industries than the Nasdaq Composite companies, which is heavily skewed toward the technology sector.

This is one of those companies that needs no introduction on how capable they are. This is an American multinational tech company which also happens to be the ninth largest company in the world in terms of revenue. Even with the decreased sales rate of iPods and iPhones, the company has enough money at hand which can be instantly used for investments. With its foot being placed into the automobile sector, the CEO, Tim Cook is hoping that the company’s standings will reach heights in the coming years. This company is ranked third in the fortune 500 list and has a revenue of $250 billion and profit margin of $50 billion which makes it be one of the richest companies not only in the US but also in the whole planet.

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The Home Depot Inc. is a retailing company that sells tools, home improvement supplies, construction products, and services. Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, also operating in Canada and Mexico. Verizon Communications Inc., commonly known as Verizon, is a diversified multinational telecommunications conglomerate. Verizon is engaged in a range of uss-express communications segments, including 5G, wireless networks, broadband and fiber, media and technology, Internet of Things, and security. Here is the list of few American companies which are considered to be richest companies in the country. The shareholders elect the directors, who govern the corporation and set policies and goals, and review the activities and progress of the company.

The absence of a business from this database does not mean that it does not exist. PayPal had its Initial Public Offering in 2002 before being acquired by eBay, which later separated from it in 2015. Choose the state where the corporation you are researching is registered. Since our establishment, Innotical Solutions have delivered lots of successful project such as; MySwaasth, HealthSous, YICU … Even with the decreased sales rate of iPods and iPhones, the company has enough money at hand which can be instantly used for investments. And hence this company makes it to the list of top 5 richest companies in the US.

For even more data on the largest , download our Excel files on the Russell 1000 companies, Russell 2000 companies, or Russell 3000 companies. Having served 200+ clients across the globe, Resourcifi is the best staff augmentation service provider as ranked by Clutch. Resourcifi is one of the top outsourcing companies to offer managed remote staff augmentation solutions.

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Intel Corporation, commonly known as Intel, is a multinational corporation and technology company, especially involved in the production and sales of microprocessors and semiconductor chips powering personal computers. Intel also diversifies in other technologies, including cloud, Internet of Things, computer memory, and 5G-connectivity. Adobe Inc. is a multinational computer software company originally focused on multimedia and creativity software products before expanding to digital marketing software. It is especially famous for its Adobe Flash web software ecosystem, Photoshop image editing software, Acrobat Reader, the Portable Document Format – PDF -, as well as Adobe Creative Suite and its successor Adobe Creative Cloud. Being one of the well-established companies, this also happens to be the largest banking company in the United States in terms of total assets. This company’s profits are accounted for almost $25 billion in the last year and has shown an overall growth of over 4% in terms of revenue. These stats are likely to grow even further if the capital requirements and other limitations are lifted.

This site is not affiliated with any government entity and there is no charge to use it. Please note that while most state websites provide basic registration information for free, there are some that may require a fee for more detailed information. You may also want to read the SecStates Blogto learn more about corporation search. The United States has the largest economy in the world with annual GDP of over 20 trillion. Thousands of companies were born in the United States and headquartered in notable cities.

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AT & T has been through several tough times for its last few business years. But the bold decisions made by its CEO, Randall Stephenson, in acquiring DirecTV and Nextel Mexico and Iusacell saved the company its loss trail. Currently, this company generates a revenue of $150 billion and makes a profit of about $10 billion making it one of the richest companies in the United States. The financial market of modern society is strongly dominated by big companies. From the earliest accounts of trading and business found in circa 150,000 years ago, till the exploitation of Mediterranean trading by the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty, early ages were dominated by the kings and individual business traders.


A business entity is automatically entitled to do business in the state where it is formed, but in order to do business in another state, they must register to do business there. The definition of “doing business in a state,” like so many things, is different from one state to another, but there are common themes to be aware of. Don’t use an LLC when you plan to go public in the future.Don’t use an LLC for starting an active trade or business in the US when you are a non-resident entrepreneur or company, unless you love international tax complexities. The study covers leading US companies in India, and is based on information gathered from both primary interviews and secondary research.